Monday, July 31, 2006

Chanel "Coco Cabas" fall '06

usually i don't mind about chanel bags, i find them classic and always the same every year. but i found these jumbo bags GORGEOUS! the purple one is so stunning and the vinyl patent is just so classy.

Fendi buckled satchel

This bag is HUGE! it's 8 2/5"H x 13 3/5"W x 3 2/5"D
with wrinkled thick leather & patent calfskin trim, light golden harware, shoulder strap with chain insets and front flap with double strap closure & oversized buckles, there's nothing else i can say. the picture speaks for itself :p

joy gryson handbags fall '06

joy gryson formerly known as director of design and development of handbags and accessories for Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs. She decided to leave the company to take care of her young daughter at 2004 and realized she doesn't have cash flows to afford the must-have bags, that's when she figured that other women might feel the same way too.
Now she's creating her own line of handbags with prices slightly affordable than the "it"bag, but it's still expensive because the material she used on her designs.
These are two of my favourite bags for Gryson's fall 2006 collection

olivia bag

rachel bag

miu miu spring 2005

so far, this is the best miu miu collection i've ever seen. i just love all the collections, here i even post some shoes.
these 2 bags on top is the things i like the most from the whole collections. the spring 2005 collections are filled with retro vibe, and the natural colourful colors, geometric patterns and fruits plastic badges, big plastic chain necklaces. it's just beautiful...

marni '05

Marni, i love how they create a beautiful craft-man handbags like you made it your own, it's so personal and warm. I love all the collections from this spring 2005 collection, the bags, the dress, the shoes...
these are 3 of my favourite handbags from the season.

Monday, July 24, 2006

miu miu '06

here i post pics of some from the miu miu bags i love in this season's collection.

miu miu calf leather satchel in cognac
it's 10 1/2"H x 14 1/2"L x 6"W, currently retail for $1,050
the bag is made from calf leather and has top handles as well as detachable body strap

miu miu oversized leather tote
it's 14"H x 16"L x 6"W, currently retail for $950
made from nappa leather with top handles & long detachable strap.

miu miu quilted leather hobo
it's 11 3/4"H x 15"L x 2 1/4"W, currently retail $1,445
made from nappa leather with 2 front pockets, hand-braiden top handle and detachable body strap.

this style's also available in suede leather for $1,295

miu miu soft frame bag
it's 11 1/2"H x 17 3/4"L, currently retail for $995
soft frame calf leather with top handle and detachable long strap.

chloe edith

alhtough tempted a few times to buy the "IT" bag from chloe like paddington or silverado, i never really end up buying it because i decided they just not for me. but the first time i laid my eyes on this edith, i fell in love.
it resembles most of the criteria to be in my closet :p
it's leather, it's boxy, it had an old school style.
it's like an alternative for my balenciaga city!

marc jacobs stam

although i'm abig fans of marc jacobs in louis vuitton and his clothing & shoes collection in MJ or Marc Jacobs, i rarely like his bags collection.
until now, the only bag i like from his marc jacobs collection is this "stam" bag.
it's made from a thick leather quilted like Chanel, and the "purse" shape is not just endearing but it kinda gives a vintage vibe. the extra chains also a plus point to add varieties of holding this bag in many styles.
the only minus point is the heaviness of this bag.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

various leather on balenciaga bags

in this post i just wanna share some differences on balenciaga leather's variations on each year and each colour.
these are just some examples i found on my own bags.

this is a leather from season 3 year '02 flat brass caramel classique. the leather's thicker and smooshier than my season 2 year '02.

this is a leather from a red first '03. it's smooth, but not as smooth as an '02

the seafoam purse comes from spring/summer '04, the leather so smooth and not as pebbly as the orange '04.

an orange from spring/summer '04. although seems cracker than the pistachio, but the leather is as thick, although i found it smoother and smooshier.

the pistachio comes from fall/winter '04, the leather is also smooth and thicker than my '02 or '03

eggplant from fall/winter '04 too. the leather is very soft but not as smooshy as the orange.

indigo pre-spring '05, after years of using, this bag is as smooshy as my eggplant '04 leather... very yummy

magenta pre-fall '05, the leather is not as soft as the '04 or earlier, but what i love is the glossy texture that brings out the color of this magnificent bag.

what made me fall in love with balenciaga

i first spotted this gorgeous bag on a magazine, there walks kate moss holding a black first.
instantly i decided i gotta have this bag!
what made me crazy about this bag, is the soft and smooshy leather. it's not just another expensive designer bags, but it's a great quality bags, that's why it's expensive.
and i love this particular first '02 because the leather is different from the later years, it holds quality not designers.
and the brass is flat, balenciaga bags from '03-now has a studded brass.
although i have some other balenciaga bags from various years & seasons, this particular bag is my treasure.

about takashi murakami

after we see his works with louis vuitton, i decided to show some of his works as an artist.
please check his company's site kaikai kiki for more info on his art works

150th annivessary panda line

this duo also strikes the celebration of 150th years of louis vuitton by publishing this special editoon panda line.
this character is inspired by art works from takashi murakami long before he collaborated with LV

cerises line '05

after the duo succeed in creating the multicolore line, they created a new line for 2005.
a limited and one time produce only, called cerises line.
This particular bag in the pic is called CERISES SAC FERMOIR PM. Besides the signature monogram canvas covered with larger cerises print, this bag's combine lizard leather skin at the carrying and lock strap, vachetta leather trimming and brass hardware.
First impression, i didn't like this line at all. until i spotted a cerises speedy in real life. now that's what i can describe as love at first sight :p

Monday, July 10, 2006

my addiction for bags starts from here

this bag is the one that started my bagcraze.
louis vuitton multicolore speedy.
it's a creation from marc jacobs and takashi murakami.
i've been a fans for takashi murakami works long before he joined lv.