Monday, January 07, 2008

Chanel "Le Marais Ligne"

Wowwwww look at that beautiful slouchy pebbly leather!
I am soooooo in love with this bag i can't help myself typing so much "o" on my post :p

large tote $2995

the bowler $2250

Leather Flap

shoulder flap $2595

classic flap $1795


Sophia said...

i've been searching for the name for this range of bags on the internet for 4 hours now! thank god i finally found it here. i really love this range, especially the flap bags! i think they are way cooler than the re-issues, with the double-c logo and the distressed leather.


bagcraze said...

hi sophia, thanks :)
and i'm glad u finally found the name for these bags LOL
i love it so much too, esp the large tote, they're TDF!
i agree they're WAY cooler than the reissues, the pebbly distressed leather are so pretty

the marais and the bubble are my recent chanel faves! have u check on the bubble quilt one? i pst it here in my blog too :)

let me know what u think when u check that

charlene said...

hi. Do you have an idea how much is the le marais flap?smaller than the one posted here. The one posted is 1795 USD. I guess there's a big difference in size too. Are there only 2 sizes of the le marais flap?