Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Prada "Fairies Bag" S/S 08 by James Jean

I LOVE the whole collection from the runway, the dresses, the patterns, the illustration drawing.
And this is not the first time an artist collaborated with a fashion designer, while not all guaranteed succeed, This Spring/Summer 2008 Prada collaboration with artist James Jean is a successfull one.

here's the fraction of wallpaper that James Jean created for the Prada Wallpaper at Beverly Hills and SoHo Epicenter stores

click here for the complete super large size prada wallpaper by the artist under the link : work

I especially love this bag on the campaign pics. this collector's item priced at $2290 in Prada's signature grainy calf leather in white.


bagcraze said...

visit the artist site at http://www.jamesjean.com/

rachel said...

Yes! Definitely check out James Jean's site--mentioned above--as well as his AMAZING blog, processrecess.com, where he posts new things he's working on all the time and takes readers through his artistic process.

What a fabulous young artist! So glad he's getting mainstream recognition in a big way.

bagcraze said...

thanks for the info rachel i'll definitely check on the blog :)

jeanette said...

Recently, i bought the bag you featured above. However, the paint ran and i had to return it to the store! I was extremely shocked at the quality of the bag, its not something i expect from Prada. So for all those who want to but this bag, CAUTION!

Have there been any other similiar incidents?

charcoalholic said...

OMG jeanette, that's terrible!!! :(
for the price of this bag and the brand, it's disappointment...