Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent "New Muse Bag" from resort 08

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I LOVE this bag! I still have no idea on the name, price or measurements but i'm falling in love.
I like the leather, the colour combo, the interlocking, the shoulder strap and the length.

So far, here's the info i got. I will update this post when i found more info.
For the leather and mock croc versions :
large : 15"x 6.6" x 11" with 7" straps at $1895
medium : 12"x 5.9" x 9.5" with 6" straps at $1,645
small or mini with shoulder strap (have no idea on size and price yet)
For the ostrich version is $5995

for spring, it's coming in the 2 colour-combo as shown, plus all over black and all over navy...
for fall, it's coming in all over camel, all over black, plus another 2 colour-combo

Here is the pic of the other version of this bag with alligator pattern in suede material from the print ad modeled by Kate Moss

more pics from random sources :

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