Saturday, July 05, 2008

Marco Tagliaferri

I always love the olsen twins' choices of bags.
yes, i meant to say it out loud! or... type it out loud actually LOL
and it's not the first time olsen carrying this kind of bag, this birkin-like bag is like an answer to my version of Hermès.
the olsen have carried the actual birkin bag and she also have this bag, so it's not like it's an answer to a "cheaper or "knock-off" version, but it's a whole different thing. and i think Hermès should not be mad and learn from the lesson that they could use a slouchy version of their bags :p
and i don't think this bag is an "insult" to Hermès birkin owners, honestly...

here's the olsen with the birkin & chanel cerf tote

100%leather/black fade birkin style bag w/chrome details.
leather has been spray painted for a unique look.
large size is (w)19.5in x (h)15in x (d)8.5in
medium size (w)13in x (h)11.5in x (d)6.25in
small size (w)10.5in x (h)9.25in x (d)4.75in



I totally love your blog! Thanks for the daily inspiration :-) xx

bagcraze said...

hi :)
thanks, and i just visit your blog too! it's great!!! i love it too.
i always love street style and i hope u don't mind if one day i borrow some of your pics in my blog :p

Tan said...

glad i found this blog!whats the retail for one of these?

Kevin said...

This looks so much like a birkin! Cool!

yourbestfriendxoxo said...

no its not cool that copy rite

noirlune said...

wow can't wait to have one!
but I'd nay if there also a WAITING LIST! ROFL

tedore said...


...need your help
Does this brand have any contact, web site??

Plus do you know hgbags site?

thank you


bagcraze said...

hi tedore, yes i'm familiar with hgbags site, it's a reputable seller

you can google the marco tagliaferri for the site :)

Joan said...

do you know if the one ashley olsen is holding is a large?