Thursday, January 08, 2009


Really i don't understand what made Valextra bags so expensive :(
i mean this travel bag is quite nice but the price is a killer, honestly!

Fall-Winter 2008/09 Collection Valextra
Bag in beige tissue with cacao leather handles. Two front pockets.
size : L45,5 x H29,5 cm
currently retails for € 2026.00 VAT included ; € 1693.98 VAT excl.
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00o00 said...

this is nice!

valextra is often compared to hermes and vuitton in terms of worksmanship. you can recognise a valextra from afar despite it not having any logos printed on the outside. the worksmanship and luxurious materials used sets it apart from the others.

valextra is a true luxury, whispered not shouted :)