Thursday, February 12, 2009

Letter from Reader #5

Subject : I'm stuck...

Hey, First of all, I LOVE your blog!

Now, my problem... I am a guy, 20, 5"9 and I have wanted a Balenciaga bag for ages...
I tried out the Work bag but thought it was too small, and tried the Weekender and the size seemed fine, if not even a little big. But then, of course, I tried the Giant Weekender and that threw me right off! I love both, am looking for the bag that I will get the most use out of, so am going for Black. Which do you think is better for a guy? The Weekender or Giant Weekender? The problem I had with the Weekender is that the handles aren't as long as the Giant Weekender and so I'd have to carry it all the time. I like the Giant Weekender as the handles are long enough to go over the shoulder, but is the silver hardware a bit much, or don't you think so? I would really appreciate your advice!


Dear Brent,
I love Balenciaga weekenders, i've tried the weekender and then sold it for a work now i'm thinking of going back.
have you ever get your hands on the men's weekender? it's regular hardware and the handles are slightly longer than the regular weekender.
and i believe that balenciaga's handle will stretch over use, what i did with new balenciaga bags is i put some books inside it and hang the bag whenever i do not use it to fasten the process :p
so, i say just follow your heart, if you love the giant hardware and think you can pull it of, go for it. but if not, get the regular hardware, the handles will stretch so no worries.
personally i prefer the regular hardware on men


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lovehandbag said...

it's a interesting bag with one side open. i thought this idea is creative.