Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chanel "Paris-Moscou 2008/09"

Classical felt and boiled wool flap bag adorned with jewel symbols of Russian history
A47359 Y06106 C2104

Felt and boiled wool clutch adorned with jewel symbols of Russian history
A47369 Y06104 C2104

Classical gold metalized buffalo bag with flap and cutted arabesque designs
A47358 Y06842 C4118

Matriochka (Russian doll) enamel bracelet bag
A47525 Y06113 C0286

Classical lambskin bag with flap stitched with Kremlin's roof designs CC closure and refined metallic chain
A47048 Y02419 94305

Classical stitched vinyl bag with flap CC turn lock and interlaced chain
A46968 Y06064 10800

Classical calfskin bag with original shaded metalized effect
A47069 Y06075 94305

Orylag muff bag with flap "Guilloché" CC closure
A46982 Y06061 81449

Large soft lambskin tote bag with "pyramid quilted effect" interlaced chain and CC pendant
A46981 Y02419 10800

Pouch in puffy quilted lambskin interlaced chain
A46956 Y06073 94305

Tote bag in quilted aged calfskin. mademoiselle turn lock and chain
A47269 Y03929 94305

Hobo calfskin bag embossed with Chanel signature
A46123 Y01669 94305

Large stitched calfskin hobo bag. large jewelry gold chain
A46990 Y01466 10601

Large drawstring bag in lambskin. pieces of PVC stitched in CC
A46967 Y06059 94305

Large shopping bag in stitched aged metallized calfskin
A47291 Y03929 70943


J said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to find all these pics of gorgeous bags! Love your blog, very informative! x

Carlos Sousa said...

This Chanel bags are amazing.... they are just amazing.....


DSK said...

bravo, brilliant blog!!

DSK Steph

Anonymous said...

Hi, would you know how much approximately is the puffy quilted black lambskin bag?? Many thanks!