Saturday, June 27, 2009

Louis Vuitton "Mono Stephen" from fall/winter 2006

one sentence i can write about this bag :
it's a speedy... with so much more

so, okay i know it's an old bag but i fell in love with this bag just recently and when i fell, i fell hard :p
it took me some times to decide to get this bag, i need to know for sure this is what i really want. and when it's in my head for weeks, then i know that this is the one, it's not just a random act of craziness i have on bags. this is real.
and OMG it felt so good, i REALLY love this bag
it's like an answer to many of my needs.
first of all, i love the speedy-like shape, and i love how the monogram canvas is slouchier than the regular monogram canvas, i love how the canvas pleats in the middle so the shape is slouchier than ever, i love how the handle is longer than the usual speedy so it fits nicely on my shoulder, i love how the shoulder strap with tortoise chain make the bag to be worn sling, i love the size that is more or less the same with the speedy 35, i love how the zipper opening is wider than the speedy.
it was retails about 2,070$ when it first came out
so here are the picture of the beauty, compared with the speedy wc 35


luvurbag said...

may i know where u got this bag? :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to get this bag, were did you get it.

bagcraze said...

it's not available anymore... i got this used at a consignment shop :p