Tuesday, September 01, 2009

BAGSdrive "Chanel Classic Flap"

YAY i finally done my first "BAGSdrive" feature and i also open a new blog special for the BAGSdrive feature although every post there will be posts here too.
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Chanel vintage jumbo classic flap

size : 12" x 8" x 3.5"
chain strap when doubled 30"

i got this bag few years ago in used condition for a very good price considering the price of new classic flap are increasing every year and i choose to get this one instead of the latest classic flap because i don't like the more curvy shape of the new flaps
i've been using this bag on and off, but for this "bagdrive" feature, i use this for a whole week non-stop to feel it more and give a right review.

about the bag :
it's a vintage Chanel classic flap , from the hologram sticker it dated back to 1997 and after more than a decade, this bag still is very pretty.
there's tarnishing on the metal that is considered a flaw to most people, but to me it'll only gives the bag more characteristic
i heard some people complained on the quality of new classic flaps, but

leather :
the leather is perfect for me, black caviar skin, very thick and durable. i don't need to worry when i toss this bag around, and yes, i'm a bag abuser

hardware :
the chain straps are heavy, but i wouldn't exchange them to a lighter metal material, i like it the way it is, the weight makes the bag stay on my shoulder. Although when i fill the bag full, it'll weight a lot and hurt my shoulder if it hang there for hours non stop (which doesn't really happen a lot)

compartments :
there's an outer compartment on the back side of the bag that i use to put small changes or papers for easy access, but it's limited to place flat pieces only
inside there's 1 zipper compartment and an open one. still limited to flat pieces
it's not easy to take out things from the flat compartment, that's why i don't put coins there anymore, to me it's a place for papers or receipts

what i can fit in there :
right now i'm carrying one 230 pages novel, 1 long wallet, 1 balenciaga coin purse for powder and blush, ysl cigarette holder, blackberry, ipod, keys and i can still fit few more small items if i want

durability :
this is one bag i can comfortably toss around without worrying a thing

where i wear this bag :
i can take this bag anywhere i want to... mmm but i won't take this on summer vacation on broad daylight, the chain strap will burn my shoulder hahaha
but honestly this bag can be brought everywhere, i wear it with jeans tee and sneakers for casual shopping, i wear it with summer dress and sandal, i wear it with formal little black dress and heels.
i can wear frock and gowns and it looks feminine
i can wear jeans and leather boots and it rocks
i can wear with slouchy tees, shorts and sandals and it still make me look dressed up

after one week :
i love this bag more and more, truly one of the easiest bag to match with any outfit but there are times when the bag becomes a burden on my shoulder, like when i go shopping that took hours browsing shops non stop so i switch from right to left shoulders and vice versa at times.

verdict :
this bag is totally worth every penny
it can be worn in so many occasions for so many years to come
a Chanel classic flap is a good investment for every women, doesn't matter if they're the latest or vintage

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fatima said...

i bought this bag in beige the other night and i honestly can not take my eyes off of it. its the most beautiful thing on earth. it really is worth every penny that i spent on it. except mine is in lambskin and i fear since its such a smooth and soft material that i might scratch it. any ideas?

Elise said...

Hello, you have the most fabulously wonderful site here and I had to leave this comment for you ! Your posts are beautifully written, creative and original too, and you have interesting pictures.

It's all perfect !

Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes.... 'Happy September'....

bagcraze said...

hi fatima,
thanks for the comment :) and congrats on your beige flap, u must be so happy right now.
i believe you have to take extra care for the lambskin, and when you don't use it, be careful not to let the bag bumping to hard object for too long, i'm scared it will leave a mark on the leather. and also try to avoid using dark jeans with the beige, there's lots of color transfer cases :)
most of all, enjoy your bag :)


bagcraze said...

hi elise,
thanks for the comment :)


Anonymous said...

Hey bagcraze!
i have the same bag in black but in Nappa leather, and i love it to bits! Always wanted this bag (exactly in nappa leather) for the longest time, was my grail bag, and i saw it in a 2nd hand store in Far East Plaza. Had to have it!
To date I still love it the most across all my bags.

Love the bags on your site btw! =)


Anonymous said...

I just wanna ask..if I wanna get a jumbo 2.55 now...how much am I looking at (in USD)???

And what are the skins avail?

bagcraze said...

i;m not sure if i'm right but i think the classic flap jumbo is around $2875for lambskin and $2650 for caviar.
the 2.55 large 277 is $3095 in caviar

you can call chanel store near you for more info

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