Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Chanel "Coco Cocoon" line

so, Chanel is going to launch a new line named "Coco Cocoon" and would be available at the boutique at October 10th, 2009

i don't really like the product as i like the name, i think it's a very cute and catchy name, "Coco Cocoon"
i don't know if Chanel or Karl will ever learn from the failure of the "Chanel Unlimited" line they launched some times ago
They seem to try to remake the successful of the bubble quilt line to a cheaper production, i appreciate that they make a new line instead of putting this bag in Chanel collection
For the line, they choose Lily Allen as the face, portrayed as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

Some of the products


umami said...

Quite an ugly collection, I find. Holly Golightly may use them if she was seriously broke, but only to sleep on, or give away as a diaper bag.

Myriam said...

sooo ugly...i can't believe those are chanel bags!
poor poor coco :(

Michael St. James said...

these are some of the ugliest bags i have ever seen!

Missy said...

Awful! i agree you with guys these are the ugliest bags i have ever seen - i'd rather put my stuff in a black bin bag!
I'm not overly impressed with Lily Allen inpersonating Audrey either...

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Anonymous said...

the texture makes itself look poor and of low quality