Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Louis Vuitton Fuchsia Courtney

Louis Vuitton Fuchsia Courtney

This is the leather version of the Multicolore Courtney… Fuchsia Courtney MM!
i kinda like it! the studs placement are different than the multicolore one which actually i like more. but nothing beats an all leather LV bag. and yes the placement make the bag looks more and more alike the LV stephen bag

Fuchsia Courtney MM and Pochette are one-shot pieces and will be only available for six months starting February 1st so if interested, go drop by at your Louis Vuitton store. Prices are as follows:
• Fuchsia Courtney MM - US$3350
• Fuchsia Pochette Courtney - US$1870

pics via

and this is the lv stephen from fall/winter 2006

the monogram leopard and embossed pics are courtesy of LVobsessed415 from pf

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Maggie said...

I totally want the fuschia purse. Ugh if only.