Friday, February 12, 2010

Good bye Lee, you will be missed...

i never cried on a public figure's death and when i first heard the news about McQueen's death, i was shocked and wish it was just another celeb death twitter hoax but it is true.
he is dead, on my birthday.
i was never a fond of birthdays and always thought that it's overrated.
and i was saying to my friends that it's not my birthday, it's my bitchday.
and it becomes it indeed :(
i don't want to believe it, i didn't cry though. i just felt disturbed and make me gloomy the rest of the day and i didn't have time to express the way i felt and send my condolences because i was so busy until today. i was wondering what will happen to the Alexander McQueen and McQ brand, he is so talented and not the one seen as pretentious. he always dressed like ordinary people but behind it lies a marvelous mind. i always liked the way he smiled and waved on people at the end of his show.
just before i write this, i visit and find this message, and i can't help but crying. i literally shed tears, i can't help but wonder what was on his mind before he decided to die, i would've cried and begged on my knees so he would change his mind.

dear lee,
you will truly be missed. your mind, your vision, your smile.
people may come and go, but people like you don't come very often.
i hope you found whatever you're looking for now.
i don't know you but i believe you have a good soul.
may you rest in peace.

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Celeste Bee said...

Lee, RIP.
Your fashion legend will continue to ride on.


Your bitchday is proof that everyday is a blessing.

Tina said...

This was sad news which is why I hit "no likey". RIP Alexander McQueen.

J. said...

Absolutely horrible news indeed. He was such a great designer and I never would have guessed. He will be missed!