Monday, November 08, 2010

Balenciaga 10th anniversary "Mini Mini First Keychain"

i am not really interested in the Balenciaga 10th anniversary limited edition bag but this "mini mini first bag charm" is way too cute.
i always love anything mini mini and my heart literally beating when i saw a member on the purse forum posted hers, i instantly wanted one despise the overpriced tag :(

a source at Balenciaga Las Vegas said that the colours are: Black embossed lizard; Rouge Vif; Rose Layette; Fuxia; Aigue Marine (Papeete); Jaune; Baby Blue; Vert Fluo; and Turquoise.

pic courtesy of PF member MichK received from Balenciaga Cannes

and like i said, i can't help and order one. i pick the yellow cause i think it matches with most of my bals. here's some size comparison shots i took with some of my bags

with Balenciaga work in some colour i forget :p

with Balenciaga Part Time in Plomb

with Balenciaga City in Jaune

with Balenciaga Flat Brass First in caramel

comparison with the mini mini coin purse in turquoise

here's the size comparison with the Coin Purse in Navy, Mini Coin Purse in Turquoise and the Mini Mini First

and here are some hardware comparison, i love how each accessories have different sizes


Celeste Bee said...

Can you actually open the zip of the key chain and put stuff in it??

bagcraze said...

yes :)
here i post photos of what fits and measurement

hope it helps


Deney said...

any idea what the price is and is it at the stores already?

bagcraze said...

Yes, it's 345$ in US or 225€ in france. And they're already in stores, i got mine from Balenciaga Paris.

Key Hook said...

I want to purchase these cute key chains for my bags. It is really unique. Are online orders available? I'm looking forward for your reply.

bagcraze said...

hi key hook,
i don't think it's available to be purchased online but try to email to the balenciaga stores. i got mine directly from Balenciaga Paris