Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Balenciaga 10th anniversary "Mini Mini First Keychain" what fits?

to some of you asking if this MMF keychain can fit things i took some photos of what they fit.
basically this MMF keychain size is approximately 4" at the widest x 2.5" at the tallest x 1" wide.

the keychain can be used to put small things, it doesn't fit credit cards though. but you can put folded money or changes in there.

this is an example of a case of Tic Tac candy inside the MMF
for reference the Tic Tac measured at nearly 2.5" tall and nearly 1.5" wide

now this is when i put an Anna Sui lipgloss which is nearly 2'5" tall and 2 of my rings

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princess V said...

OMW that is the most gorgeous little bag/charm:)