Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Givenchy "Melancholia studded strap"

i might be overreacting but this is could be my PERFECT bag! okay, i admit i've said it before with the Chanel Olsen tote but i did said that it was my perfect 'slouchy' bag didn't i? and this Givenchy bag is not slouchy.

i've been blogging this Givenchy Studded Melancholia bag and wanting it since the beginning of the year and finally i manage to get this bag by the end of the year. it was quite a long wait but it's worth the wait.

more on what this bag fits and comparison shots can be seen in here


MsShamz said...

gorgeoussss bag, love the studded details!! congrats xo

Monsieur AG said...

It's indeed a perfect bag! Not too big, not too small! Good choice!