Wednesday, July 18, 2012

celine "box bag"

this is my bag of the year, i just love it! the size is good for me, it prevent me to carry more than i need.
i love the colour, the shape, the clasp. i just wish this bag comes with an extra outer back pocket for quick access though. but overall i'm really happy with this purchase.
i was about to get a new one from the latest season but i wasn't sure which colour to get, torn between the forrest green or the true red, just when i was ready to purchase i found this pre-owned in a gorgeous colour that i love, the plum/burgundy from FW 2010. this bag comes with the scratch, at first i thought it bothers me but then again i saw some streetstyle photos with used celine box that came with the scratch and i still like it.
i think the scratches add some character to the bag, the leather works well with use and age.


tedore said...

where you find it/bought it?

shi zhan said...

ray ban サングラスの新作は毎月にも発表されています。特にカッコいいレイバン RB2132は今大人気だそうです。フレームは新たなデザインに仕上げています。フレームのラインは細くなって、オシャレに見えます。ほかのレイバン モデルもきっと素敵でしょう。

Mitchell said...

It's perfect! Congrats on your box. I love buying pre-owned and not worrying about the first scratch, etc.